Hello, I’m Kuro!

I’m a self-taught artist from Portugal and I’ve been drawing since 2006 (and digitally since 2011). I specialize in visual novel-type illustration, with a heavy focus on meticulous clean lines and colorful soft shading. I love drawing pretty anime girls and depicting all kinds of summer settings.

On the side I like to dabble in visual novel development, where I write, illustrate, and program for my personal projects. So far only Cuttlebone is out (get it on itch.io!), but I have several other stories in the works that should hopefully see the light of day soon.

In addition to the programming I’ve done for my visual novel projects (I actually have a degree in computer science!), I’ve also created a few programs to help with productivity, created a couple handy user scripts, and created this website!
I’ve also made levels for the videogame Dustforce (a couple of my levels come pre-installed with the game!), created video timelapses of the making of my pieces, and I do regular drawing livestreams!

If you’d like to reach out to me for whatever reason, please feel free to use the contact form, or hop into my discord server where I hang out all the time.

p.s.: In case you’re wondering about my username, it’s actually pronounced Kuro-One-Half. Kuro was inspired by the protagonist of the same name in the animated movie Tekkonkinkreet, and One Half came about as a subversion of the common string+integer username convention, by having a fraction instead. Initially it was actually 1/2, but most websites don’t allow special characters on usernames, so it became spelled out. :p