Commission info



Base character: 120 EUR

Additional character(s): +105 EUR each

For up-to-date examples of my art, check my social media accounts linked in the homepage and sidebar!



Simple: +10~15 EUR

Like simple beaches or abstract BGs.

Detailed: +20~25 EUR

If you’re not sure where a certain type of background would fall under, feel free to message me!


Expression variants

Outfit variants

The price of variants depends highly on the amount and complexity, and is calculated on a case-by-case basis.


Clip Studio file: +10EUR

Get the source file (in .clip or .psd) and study all the layers!

Commercial use license

Differs depending on the specifics of the piece and usage.

How to submit a commission request

Step One!

Please copy-paste this form into a private message and fill it out accordingly.* Make sure to add all information you can think of that might be relevant!

Display name: (Optional: Twitter handle)
Paypal Email:
Characters: (1 / 2 / …)
Character name(s): (If the character is from an existing series, list the series name as well!)
Background: (None / Simple / Detailed)
Reference: (Visual reference links go here! Usually the more the merrier. And, if it’s an OC, then a brief bio about them is very helpful.)
Details: (If you have a specific pose or framing in mind I’d be happy to try to fulfill it! Also, if you want any of the Extra content, please mention it here too.~)

When the request is approved, a slot for it will be added to the commission queue.

* The private message can be sent through Twitter, Discord, Deviantart, or using the contact form, with the subject line “Commission Request”.

Step Two!

Your slot will sit in the queue while I work through the commissions that were in front of it, and when your turn finally comes up I will start sketching for it and notify you about it.

Then once we have both greenlit the sketch, I will send the invoice covering the commission cost + Paypal transfer fees.

Once the invoice has been paid, I will move onto linearting and coloring the piece!

Step Three!

1-4 weeks later, piece complete! ❤


Prefer to draw

  • Female characters.
  • Simple ideas and clothing.
  • Cute and sexy poses and expressions.
  • Summer settings.

Will likely decline

  • Copying someone else’s style.
  • Furry (animal appendages like ears or tails are fine!)
  • Yuri.
  • Explicit content (exposed privates).

Frequently asked questions

Can you draw monster girls?

Some, yes. If it’s essentially a human body with monster appendages, like tails or horns or wings, then it should be fine. However, if it heavily modifies the human anatomy, like having a snout, animal legs, or wings for arms, then it’s probably a no go, sorry. Though to be sure you can always just send me a quick private message and I’ll confirm it. :>

Can you draw male characters?

Very situationally, yes. I’m not very confident in my manly guys, but more femboy-ish characters can be doable. Please do confirm with me in DMs.

Can you draw futanari characters?

If there is a way to frame them in such a way that they look indistinguishable from a regular female character, yes.

Terms of Service

– I retain the ownership of the illustrations commissioned. As such, I reserve the right to use the illustrations as part of my portfolio, post them to my social media accounts, post them on my Patreon, and so on. Ownership of the characters remains with the rightful owners.

– If you intend for the illustration to be used for commercial purposes, a custom fee will be added. Be sure to mention this in the commission request if it’s the case.

– Unless otherwise specified, illustrations commissioned have a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license.

– Do note that the prices described above are in euro (€). Please use a currency converter to check how much prices are in your currency.

– I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any point. I’ve never had to do it before, but in case something does go wrong or I find myself in an emergency situation and am unable to complete the piece, I will refund you the amount paid.

– Commissioning me means you have read, understand, and will comply with the terms and services listed above.