Chibinatsu charm


  • 6cm (~2.35”) tall
  • Double board, double sided print
  • First piece of Kuro merch! Based on my main girl Chinatsu.
  • Comes with protective stickers on both sides. Don’t forget to peel it off!

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If you’re a patron, use this form instead and you’ll get a special discount!
-> Patron Chibinatsu form
The discounts are the following:
– 50% off for $10+ patrons
– 25% off for $5+ patrons
– 10% off for other patrons

There is a limited amount of charms available! Get em’ while they’re available.

I package and send out the charms myself in padded envelopes, and try to get them shipped a day or two after payment. If you have any questions, just hit me up anywhere. ❤